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The Water Margin Tang Project, namely the Shuijingfang Historical and Cultural District is one of the four historical and cultural preservation districts in Chengdu. It is the last historical and cultural district preservation and renewal project after the successive renovation of Wenshuyuan, Kuanzhai Alley, and Daci Temple. It is the historical and cultural courtyard of the heritage of the thousand year old Jinguan City.
The project is divided into four blocks, among which three block B, C and D are mainly traditional courtyards representing Western Sichuan culture with Block B includes 32 courtyards, Block C has 12 courtyards, and Block D is with 5 courtyards, for a total of 49 courtyards. The business style of block A will be presented by five-star hotels, high-end commercial centers and some 5A office buildings, forming an innovative idea of traditional and modern reflection with block B, C and D.
Essential information
  • Property type

    History and culture preservation district

  • Project status

    In operation

  • Construction area


  • Project location

    1 Guanyi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Project location