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Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town Donates to Primary School Students in Sichuan Province

Publication time: 2022-10-08    source:Zhaotai Group

On September 27, Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town, a hotel under the flagship of Zhaotai Group, launched a charity sale, themed “Passing on Goodness and Hope”, to raise money for students in Zhaotai Primary School in Naizuku Village, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. 

Charity sale for primary school students
The charity sale kicked off amid applause and love, and all the hotel staff members engaged in it enthusiastically, and many items were sold out. Goods have a price, but love is priceless. The charity sale ended with success, raising a total of RMB 16,444 in just two hours, which shows the power of love and charity. All the money raised will be used in the hotel’s public good activities next year.
As the new semester began, the hotel offered a special gift to Zhaotai Primary School by donating money to purchase new uniforms, rubber shoes, and other items for the 228 students in the school. At the event, they connected the teachers and students of Zhaotai Primary School online and expressed their care to them. The children expressed their gratitude by singing the song “I Wanted to Say Thank You” in sign language, a warming scene that moved all at present. 

Dedication to Public Good
Over the years, Zhaotai Group has been dedicated to education and public good. The Group has funded two Hope Primary Schools, including Zhaotai Primary School. It subsidizes 110 poor students from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture every year, to enable them to finish their studies and relieve the burden of their families. By setting up Zhaotai Scholarship, the Group supports the growth of poor students with love and dedication, and helps them build up hope and strength for life.

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