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since 1992
Founded in Beijing,the capital of China in 1992,driven by China's urbanization process and the historical changes in economic and social aspects, with great efforts and through arduous struggle, now with over thousand employees with steady growth, Zhaotai Group’s business segments cover real estate development, commercial operations, health industry, international retail, energy investment and other fields.investment and other fields.
The core business of Zhaotai Group is real estate development. It holds the national level qualification of real estate development and presents a comprehensive competitiveness of real estate from first-class land development to land holding and to operation throughout upstream and downstream. As of 2019, the Group's own operation and development projects amounted to approx. 3 million square meters. Projects that have been developed and are being developed include: office clusters with international standard, office building for central government agencies, headquarters for central state-owned enterprises, large commercial complexes, shopping centers, star-rated hotels, high-end apartments, and leisure real estate projects.
Creating landmarks of new life style in the core area of the city is a pointer for the development of Zhaotai Real Estate. Zhaotai adheres to the excellence and envisions forward-looking in the selection of development areas and locations. On one hand, it has established a strategic pattern centered around capital Beijing,on the other hand, it locks the core areas of the core cities to make moves, thus have a firm grasp on the project’s fundamentals reflect and raise its value. In the meanwhil, the persistent pursuit of top-class quality is the spirit of Zhaotai's production and development. Zhaotai adheres to the recruitment of internationally renowned design firms and architects, as well as China's finest construction team and engineering supervision team. As a result of this, the place where Zhaotai stepped into, its real estate projects would won numerous awards in the industry, and viewed as the pearl on the crown amongst metropolis buildings.
In Beijing, the setup of Zhaotai’s real estate projects first relies on the two major international core business circles, namely, the West Second Ring Financial Street business circle and the East Second Ring CBD-Chaoyangmen business circle. Zhaotai is the pioneer and main developer of the Financial Street. It is the designer and builder of a series of top-quality buildings in the East Second Ring. The project setup of the connection between west and east, and its resulted comparison of their glamor not only captures the unique geographical advantages of the capital's overall economic development plan, but also makes full use of the unparalleled resource advantages of financial institutions, corporate headquarters, diplomatic organizations, and high-end services in the local area.thereby creating two powerful main engines of Zhaotai’s Beijing Real Estate Project. In addition, Zhaotai holds scarce land resources in other core areas of the capital and has completed a series of top-quality real estate projects and all this has contributed to building the pillar of the Zhaotai's real estate development in the capital.
In the development of the real estate projects outside the capital, Zhaotai has always adhered to unique style and pursues excellent quality. Zhaotai has decided to open up an outside project in Chengdu, a major city in southwest China. Chengdu is a natural crossing point for China's inland links to the“One-Belt-One-Road Initiative”, regarding it, lies the infinite business opportunities,which bring encouraging prospects for local development projects for Zhaotai
In addition to the role of a real estate developer, by sticking to the business philosophy of taking the office buildings developments as the leading aspect of a multi-business mode incorporating comprehensive development, and by holding and operating multiple real estate projects developed by itself, Zhaotai has become a well-known business management service provider and a leading force in urban life style, effectively extending the industrial chain and revenues. Zhaotai takes pride in each other's appreciation with its business customers through its business projects, and creates and shares new urban life with its customers.
Exploring international business aspects is the unshakable strategic direction of Zhaotai. Zhaotai established a petroleum energy subsidiary in 2011 to enter the field of overseas oil and gas upstream asset exploration and development. After several years of intense work, it has become one of the pioneers in China's private capital being the first to win overseas energy market.
Regardless, the changes in the times and the progression of current affairs, Zhaotai's pursuit of higher quality and boundary has never stalled. Taking advantage of the trend has always been the way of Zhaotai for successes. We will continue to take a subtle and unique strategic vision, steady and stable development pace, keep making progress to achieve a sustainable development under any new circumstances. Meanwhile, we are willing to work together with all our peers to build brilliance.