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Words from the Chairman

Time Goes By, All is at Peace. 
I appreciate memories 
The past ups and downs, the bitterness of life, when recalling, it is in fact all part of the happiness and wealth of life.
The advancement of Zhaotai has left many recollections. Progress made or setbacks suffered have all been a part of what's made Zhaotai today. At the beginning of entering the real estate industry, Zhaotai had directed its attention on project developments in the center of the city. Despite there has been strategic transitions during time period, the business philosophy has always remain the same. Neither blindly following the tide, nor aimlessly pursuing the trend of expansion, Zhaotai focuses on its own positioning and development, attending to the quality and services of the project, being piratical and wholehearted, direct its full efforts into lay a solid foundation, and improve the internal strength of the enterprise. 
With the development of the enterprise and the continuous realization of the harmonious path of symbiosis between business and society, Zhaotai seeks to pursuit higher economic value as the original meaning of enterprise, recognizes the cultural value of “To innovate with integrity, To concentrate today with an eye on tomorrow” as a boost to corporate development, regards promoting Zhaotai’s vision of achieving superior social values as the mission of the enterprise development and a incumbent social responsibility. positioned on the society and the people, being charitable as a practice not as fame seeking.
The 20 years history,from starting the business to become a successful establishment, Zhaotai have been relying on firm goals, determined fighting spirit, the support from all walks of life and teamwork! With more ambitious goals and the more arduous taskes ahead, under the overall strategy of building quality urban complexes, Zhaotai will produce fine projects, launch accomplished products, improve management, and be innavative, making Zhaotai into truly a sustainable one century-old enterprise that pursues advancement, self-inheritance and development!  
Let all Zhaotai'sassociates and employees be the witness of such accomplishment.